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libraries are not for bookworms only!

In Uncategorized on June 17, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Where do you find bookworms?

I bet your answer would be the library!

Yeah, I guess that’s the highest probability for finding bookworms scattering around. However, in the UCD library, the place is not exclusive for nerds! Many students opt to hang out in the libraries rather than the lecture theaters at times. We can see this kind of phenomena especially during exam seasons.

There are a few libraries available in the University College Dublin; the main one being the James Joyce Library which I heard is one of the largest libraries in Dublin. There’s another library available in the Health Science Building. This library is equipped with books and resources especially for the Medical and Nursing Students.

The first time I entered the library, I said to myself, “wahh ade pokok dalam library laa. Bestnye!”  There are a lot of different studying areas available in the library; the couches, the study rooms, the private studying areas, the computer labs and the studying areas which are exposed to sunlights (the one at the 3rd floor!) You can imagine the place to be very large indeed! However, if you prefer to use the study room, you have to book the room at the counter first.

You can also rent a laptop from the counter in the library. Interesting, right? But I personally suggest for you to use the computers in the computer labs instead if you need to use the computers. Before this, it was free if you want to borrow the laptops in the library. They’ve just introduced the new rates recently.

If you are interested in borrowing books, there are two type of loans available, depending on the type of books you choose. Usually if the books are on high demands and new books, you are only allowed to borrow it on a short loan which is about a week. The ones on long loans however can be borrowed for about three weeks. And like any other libraries, if you send the books after its due date, you’d be fined! In UCD recently, the library committees have launched superfines to those who send the books late. Check out the UCD library website ( for more information on the current fine rates.

The best part of borrowing the books in the library is that we can reborrow the books by logging in through our UCD connect account. So there’s no need for you to carry the books to the counters everytime you want to reborrow the books. There’s only one exception which disallow you from reborrow the books, which is if there’s another person already having the same book on their reserved list.

I guess that’s an overview of how the library of UCD is all about. Overall, I’d give a rate of 4 and a half out of 5 for the Health Science Library in UCD! Thumbs up! =)


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