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UCD Electives Testimonials Part 3 (Arts and Computing)

In UCD on September 3, 2008 at 5:54 am

Assalamualaikum wbt and Salam Sejahtera!

Hope previous posts helped. I hope those who are into arts or computing were not feeling left behind because here are some selections for you! As usual, we will give overall review and some insight about the classes and exams. Again, the rating system is 1-5, for Difficulties [1 for easiest, 5 for hardest], for Coursework [1 for least demanding, 5 for most demanding] and Overall [1 for least recommended, 5 for most recommended].

1. Visualisation and Photographic Technique (ARCT10080) [School of Architecture]

You will learn basic and advance photographic techniques and the equipments that can make it possible. It will also nurture your ‘arts’ and interpreting skills.

Very exciting and laid back lectures where we usually learn about the technique and look at loads of wonderful pictures and some videos.Some tutorials to apply photoshop. Then do the field-trip for the final project which account for 100% of the final marks. So its all about your technique and presentation. (You don’t really have to “study” for this.) Don’t worry if you don’t have the finest of gears, the marks will be given according to ur camera’s capabilities.

A good learning curve for those who like to take or be in a photograph 😛




Reviewers’ result: C, C+ [learned a lot so i dont care about the result.]

2. Software Engineering Project (COMP 10050) [School of Computing]

Very interesting but need to have good knowledge of JAVA and C++ programming first. The class is mostly lecture based, they are ok, but not that helpful.

There is no Final exam, so 100% if from your project. The lecturer is very strict and stingy 😛




Reviewers’ result: [Haha, don’t wanna talk abt it :p ]

3. Introduction to Programming 1 (COMP10010)

The subject sounds horrific and terrible. The word programming looks as if you are going to face an unlimited amount of unknown codes. Am I right? Haha. The truth is this subject will give you an A+ in your final exam. Seriously. It is an easy subject though you are a new user to the computer world. You will learn about Java. Well..if you are using sony ericsson then you should know this. After all, this subject will only give you a rough idea on java script. It would not make you an expert. It is an ‘introduction’!

You will have two lectures per week. Each lecture lasts for an hour. And you will also have a lab tutorial once a week where you would apply what you have learnt during the lectures.

Weekly lab tutorial would account for 40% of your final mark. And the written exam at the end of the semester would account for 60%.




Reviewers’ result:A+

Sadly, this will be the last installment for this series for the time being. I’m running out of reviews but we definitely will have some coming later, so, keep coming to see if the reviews are updated.

Should you wish to contribute your reviews (yes please… (“,)), sent them to->

[These review were edited and merged. However where they conflict, I will post both or more reviews.]


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