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UCD Electives Testimonials Part 2 (Science and Maths)

In UCD on September 2, 2008 at 4:04 pm

Assalamualaikum wbt and Salam Sejahtera!

Last time we had testimonials for languages courses, now lets look at the testimonials of some science and maths courses. As the class structures for these courses are different, we will give overall review and some insight about the classes and exams. Again, the rating system is 1-5, for Difficulties [1 for easiest, 5 for hardest], for Coursework [1 for least demanding, 5 for most demanding] and Overall [1 for least recommended, 5 for most recommended]

1. Linear Algebra and Geometry Level 1(MATH 10050)

Easy if you like vectors. Suitable for Maths lovers out there as you’ll learn new things but still within the easy range. Frankly, I didn’t study until the last minute but thanks to the past year papers I passed!

Classes are usually in the morning and at lunch time, three hours a week. One advice, take down all the notes in the lecture even when you don’t understand in the first place because in the revision week, when you combine with the past year papers you can still master the topics. An hour long tutorial each week does help too.

Marks are taken 100% from the exit exam. So you can relax a bit during the semester till the revision week. Trying out the past year papers is a must! Questions are being set in the similar fashion only the numbers change. As all Mathematics branch, practices are essential.

[From another reviewer] Its an easy course initially because you are learning vector all over again. But its getting harder towards the end, so if you really into maths, then do it. For me, I regretted choosing it.

Difficulties: 2.25


Overall: 3.5

Reviewer’s Result: C-,A+

2. Physical and Forensics Anthropology (ANAT 10030)

A very interesting elective and highly recommended to all medical student as it gives u the basic knowledge that can help u in many ways trough out medicine. Need to learn a bit about evolution and primates thou.

Most of the lectures were very interesting with good content and presentation. There were some boring lectures, but it really depends on the lecturer. We attend lectures and examine bones . The exams was quite easy.There is the internal assessment that is very fun (Card signing style, investigation style) and final MCQ.




Reviewer’s Result:A+, A+

3. Biology for the Modern World (BIOL 10070)

Tutorial once in 2 weeks. Need to submit 2 pages essay everytime. Loads of discussions.

Very interesting but have a lot of sensitive issues discussed, like religions and evolution. But its a good chance to voice out your opinions.




Reviewer’s Result:A+

4. Food Diet and Health (FDSC10010)

A useful elective for medical students (and those who wants to know what n how they are eating 😛 We will learn basic info (i.e. food pyramid, food nutrients, about food products e.g Milk, cheese, meat)

Internal assessment (MCQ and very short answers), Same for Final




Reviewer’s Result:A+

5. Basic Principle of Trauma (MDSA 20050)

One of my most favorite elective yet.Very interesting as we will learn so basic principle of a trauma injury and how to manage it.Very useful for pre-clinical and clinical years.It is a bit hard for some but I would recommend it anytime to anyone, all u need is an interests.

Internal assessment (EMQ), Final (EMQ and short answers.)




Reviewer’s Result:A-

6. Differential & Integral Calculus (MATH 10060)

I regret opting for this course. It was harder than I thought and you not only have to know how to solve the problems, but also how to define and derive formulas. And for me, that was the hardest part as there were too many to remember and with the restricted time that I could allocate for electives, it made things more difficult.

There will be 3 hours of lecture every week and an hour long tutorial. You can’t afford missing a single lecture as it will jeopardise your understanding on the topic taught. Attendance to tutorials is compulsory and marks of the worksheets are included in the final marks.

There’s a mid-term exam consisting of 10 or so questions. The end of term exam was very difficult and I wished I never took this elective.



Overall:1 (Definitely not recommended unless you are a Mathematics genius!)

Reviewer’s Result:C+

7. Introductory Statistics (STAT 10010)

Very easy. IB or A level standard.The exams questions are subjective but very easy because they tend to use past years with minor changes to the figures.




Reviewer’s Result:A+

8. Introduction of Mechanics

If you like physics subjects, you can consider to choose this module as your elective. Some of the syllabus you might have learned in your previous institution.

The teacher is only posting incomplete notes in the Blackboard,so that you may attend the classes to get the answers. Only during the week before the study leave, the teacher might kindly post you the complete notes. It takes you 3 periods per week,1 hour per periods,which may consists of usual lectures and simple test.( 5 tests).

20% of the final mark comes from the simple tests, and 80% final exams, which consists of MCQs and written answers. I advise you to find and try past years papers since you may get the similar type of questions, or even “sebijik”!




Reviewer’s Result:A+

9. Calculus and Statistics

It’s easy to score since it covers only basic things about Calculus & Statistics, even you might have learned most of the syllabus in your previous instituitions. The teacher is very helpful and not “boring” at all.

It takes you 3 periods per week,1 hour per periods,which may consists of usual lectures and tutorials followed by simple test.( 5 tutorials & tests, every even weeks). Usually there is a revision class during the week before study leave and it’s very important. So please attend especially if you always missed the previous classes.
20% of final marks is from the simple tests, and 80% final exams, which consists of MCQs and written answers. I advise you to find and try past years papers since you may get the similar type of questions, or even “sebijik”.




Reviewer’s Result:A+

All right, thats all I have for now.ll return with more reviews , Insya-Allah. Should you wish to contribute your reviews , please sent to->

[These review were edited and merged. However where they conflict, I will post both or more reviews.]

  1. I took Linear Algebra and Geometry (MATH 10050) last sem. And I really enjoyed it. Personally, I would rank it as a 1.

    I skipped most of my classes towards the end of the semester, and yet I still got good grades (A-). With extra hard work (and that is not much), anyone could ace the exams.

    No homeworks at all, it is not that demanding. The lecturer gave us some questions to try and the answers as well. Just try some of the questions given and that’s all. Some of the questions even came out in the exams.

    I really recommend on people taking this subject.

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