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In TCD on August 28, 2008 at 8:27 am

Here’s a brief guide for the newcomers regarding trinity’s syllabus for 1st year and recommended books.

There are 3 terms in Trinity college:

1)    Michaelmas term (oct-dec)

2)    Hilary term (jan-march)

3)    Trinity term (april-may)

You guys will be learning only three subjects throughout this first year. The 3 subjects are anatomy (except neuroanatomy), physiology and biochemistry. But there is another extra subject which is human behavioral and science.this subject is more likely to phsychology and you will only seat this paper at the final term. So, don’t get mess with it and just take it easy….

Medical faculty still use conventional method of learning and incorporate it with PBL(problem based learning). It is a supplement for the 1st year student to vary their way of learning. But beware, you will grade yourself in every PBL session and 20% will be counted in the final..don’t worry just enjoy it and don’t forget to do some research when you got your assignmentJ PBL  will be done twice a week and you will be grouped into a group of 10. This session is very helpful because you will know the intelligent level of your classmate as well as you too. Furthermore, it enhance your communication skill and you will get to know each other..widen your horizon ok…




Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter, John T. Hansen

This is one of the best books you will find for learning human anatomy. Interestingly the entire book is all based on drawings and not photos. It gives you an ideal picture of each anatomical field so when you see the real thing the pieces fall into place. The book is very strong in all areas of the body except neuroanatomy. A separate book is needed for that. Don’t worry because

you will learn neuroanatomy in 2nd year.



Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Keith L. Moore and Arthur F Dalley

This book is known for its comprehensive coverage of anatomy that relates to the practice of medicine. Clinical information in this book is very important especially in your viva(oral exam) or in order to get higher marks from our lecturerJ







Lippincott’s Biochemistry by Pamela C.Champe and Richard A. Harvey

This thin-blue book is very helpful especially in the first term(michaelmas term) and a bit in the second term(Hilary term). Memorize all the process such as glycolysis and etc…








Biochemistry by Stryer

This book is quite useful when you’re in the third term as it gives descriptive explanation and help you in understanding the sequence of each process.








Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems by Lauralee Sherwood

This is the only book will be used in the entire first year for physiology subject. Even though it is thick and heavy but you will find that you’re able to read every single page and sentence as it help you in your examination. Watch out and careful because some sentences that you might ignore will be ask in the exam. So read it…

P/S: All these books are helpful but it is unnecessary for you to buy all those book. You can get them at our big library. It is just that if you have it, you will be easy to go through all the books without thinking of re-update your books at the library. Remember that you can download your lecture notes at and very useful. Sometimes you wouldn’t need to refer to the books as the lecture notes are enough and understandable.

Any further enquiries:

Aimi Musfirah bt Ahmad Munir

Becoming 2nd year Med Student in TCD

+60195265929(until 6 oct 2008)

+353858176148(after 6 oct 2008)

  1. gatal nk komen..blh x? ngehehehe

    owh please la beli buku physiology sherwood tu…walopun super tebal but trust me u need the buku dr kulit depan sampai kulit belakang…
    diri sendiri pon kagum…
    n plus sherwood xblh pinjam bw balik frm library…blh baca dlm library je..

    stryer utk biochem?? owh abaikan je kot~ hahahaha..
    xpnah gune pon..
    lecture notes and lippicot is enough..if u ned stryer pon u can just photostate page2 yg perlu je..

  2. Salam bahagia.
    Nih sebagai bakal 1st year yg x tahu ape2 sangat pasal trinity, bleh gtau buku mane yang patot beli kat Mesia je? tolong la sesape jawab

  3. buku-buku utk dentistry pulak macam mana ye?

    • Salam atiqah, sy Kak Ezzah, final med student, tp sy kenal a few dentistry students. If you can email or ym me at, or you can give me your email address, we can work it out, insya Allah.
      Welcome to trinity!=)

  4. saya kak Amirah,4th yr TCD. berikut list2 buku utk dentistry,akak dah tanya pelajar dentistry dah:
    1. atlas of human anatomy, netter
    2. human physiology, sherwood
    3. essentials of oral histology and embryology by james k avery
    4.oral,anatomy and embryology by berkovitz (lecturer suggest buku ni tapi ktorg lebih suka pkai buku no 3 sbb lebih ringkas dan senang nk faham)
    5. neuroanatomy by a.r. crossman and neary (in 3rd sem)
    all the best! email add-, mobile- 00353857084821

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