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Recommended Books For Pre- Med RCSI

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Recommended Textbook for Purchase

Organic Chemistry, A Short Course 11th ed (+ CD Rom)

Hart, Craine, Hart

Houghton Mifflin Company


It is sufficient to own one good textbook covering a range of general Physics topics at a fairly fundamental/basic level. However, the Physics course at the RCSI is very different from the Leaving certificate, IB, or A-level courses in that it emphasizes the medical applications of many of the basic principles, and hence it is essential that students consult textbooks dealing specifically with medical applications. The lecture notes are based mainly on the following textbooks (although some material may be obtained from other sources);

1. Physics (3rd edition) by Kane and Sternheim, published by Wiley.

2. Physics of the Body (2nd edition) by Cameron,

Skofronick and Grant (published by Medical Physics

Publishing, 1999)

3. General Physics with Bio-science essays (2nd edition) by Marion and Hornyak

4. Physics (with health science applications) by Urone

For some of the topics covered in the Physics course (eye, ear, blood flow, lungs etc) you will need to refer to a basic Physiology textbook (familiarise yourselves with these in the library).


Core Texts:

The following are core texts for the theory and practical course, with Solomon et al, the main recommended course text. You may choose which most suits you and your pocket.


& MARTIN: 7th Ed. 2004, Brooks/Cole;Thomson Learning.

(no CD but try the web site-

D. D. CHIRAS: “Human Biology”

5th Ed. 2005, Jones and Bartlett.

(comes with a student CD)

W. H. FREEMAN & “An Advanced Atlas of Histology”

B. BRACEGIRDLE: Heinemann,.

(introductory text with good monochrome micrographs; a large number of secondhand copies should be available)

T. W. SADLER: “Langman’s Medical Embryology”

9th Ed. 2004, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,

(reproduction and embryological development; includes CD with animations; Junior Cycle course text)

We strongly recommend that students purchase one Dictionary of Biology. “Henderson’s “ is the dictionary of choice.

E. LAWRENCE: “Henderson’s Dictionary of Biological Terms”. 13th Ed. 2005, Longman, Soft cover.

(the most comprehensive biology dictionary at this price)

R. S. HINE & E. A. MARTIN: “ A Dictionary of Biology “

5th Ed. 2004, Oxford University Press,

(fairly comprehensive, some good illustrations)

M. THAIN & M. HICKMAN: “The Penguin Dictionary of Biology”

11th Ed. 2004, Penguin,.

p/s: nasihat kami , adik-adik pinjam sahaja buku-buku ni di library . If you choose to have it on your own , beli yang kami highlight kan sahaja . Tapi honestly, x perlu, sebab berdasarkan pengalaman, pinjam dari library pun sudah mencukupi…hehe

  1. thanks! this website is really helpful. btw, some of us (pmc) hv to do premed at penang but the syllibus as at rcsi. would there be those books at penang library as well?

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