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In TCD on August 21, 2008 at 8:44 am
Aerial view of Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

The University of Dublin, Trinity College, founded in 1592, is the oldest university in Ireland. Trinity College is the sole constituent college of the University. At present there are over 12,000 students and 1,200 staff members working on the College campus.

Most of the time, besides students walking around the college, there would be a lot of tourists as well, since it is one of Ireland’s leading historical sites, attracting in excess of half a million visitors every year. Heritage attractions available to visitors include The Book of Kells and Walking Tour of the Campus. While other people have to pay € 7.00 (student price) to enter The Book of Kells, TCD students can get it free with another 3 persons!

While talking about prestige, Trinity College is recognised internationally as Ireland’s premier university and is the only Irish university to rank in the top 100 world universities (78th) and amongst the top 50 European universities (25th) by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) university league tables. I’m proud to be one of TCD students!

Basically, there are five faculties in TCD : Arts and Humanities ; Social and Human Sciences; Engineering and Systems Sciences; Health Sciences; and Science.

TCD Life


Well, I’m not sure about other courses, but most of Malaysian students are found in Health Science Faculty, to be specific, studying Medicine, and a few in Dental School. Starting on year 2005, TCD only offer a 5-year program for Medicine. The academic year is divided into 3 terms : Michaelmas (9 weeks, October to December), Hilary (9 weeks, January to March) and Trinity (6 weeks, April to May). The design of the program may differ each year but there won’t be much difference though. For Medicine, the first 2 years would be pre-clinical years and the other 3 years you’ll be in the hospitals all day long.

Non-medic activities please..

TCD has over 90 societies and 50 active sports clubs. You can choose anything you want as long as it is suitable with your lifestyle and religion. Each societies and clubs will have their booth stand up for the whole Freshers’ Week for you to find out more about them. Well, it is okay if you cannot be a member of each clubs you’re interested into ( because the minimum of membership fee is € 2.00), since you can always join their activities through out the year.

Front Square

Meeting people

Of course, being one of TCD student would offer you vast opportunities to mingle with people from various countries and backgrounds. Canadian, Welsh, African, American, Mauritius, Japanese, Kuwaitis, just name it. They are all your own classmates! And of course, Irish are everywhere.


You can apply for College Accommodation for 2 years. There are on campus accommodation and Trinity Hall. But first year undergraduate students can only apply the one in Trinity Hall. Trinity Hall is the nicest place to be amongst all the colleges accommodation in Dublin in terms of its facilities, but it is quite far from the city. But, you can easily take a bus (128 or 14A), a LUAS (LRT-like public transport), cycle or walk to the college. The type of room that you may apply depends on your sponsor. Do find out about the accommodation and negotiate with your sponsor first before you apply because they are the one who’d pay the bills! However, for MARA and JPA students, since they don’t provide 60-40 scheme anymore, I advise you to rent a house..which the easiest way is to email  our HOuse HUnter: or sms him to this number +353857881416.

For more information, you can surf You’ll never be disappointed being one of TCD students (hope so..) if you’re a positive person. Grab the chance to know a lot of things in the world and take every problem as a challenge, to make you stronger, more confident and to become a better person. Don’t hesitate to call or email me for any further enquiries.

Nur Ezzah Abd Rahim,

Becoming 4th yr Med student in TCD

+60196539489 [valid till morning 27/08/08]



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