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Trinity College Dublin

In TCD on August 20, 2008 at 6:31 am


Trinity College Dublin (TCD), also known as The University of Dublin, is one of the great universities in Ireland. It was established by the British in 1592, making it the oldest university in the republic of Ireland. Its strategic situation in the south-east of busy Dublin city places it on the top tourist attraction in Ireland. There are two major streets at both sides of it; St. Stephens Green at its right and O’Connell Street at the other side. Having many historical buildings and works of art, Trinity is always flooded by foreign or local tourists, especially during weekend or long holidays. Once in Trinity, tourists won’t miss out visiting the Irish oldest bible book, which is known as the Book of Kells.

It is also famous for its academic achievements. It has produced large number of skillful graduates in all fields since its establishment. Trinity does not only offer medicine. It offers myriads of course which are relevant to the current job market, for example, engineering, dentistry, pharmacy and many more. Over the last decades, Malaysia government has sent its students for medicine and dentistry courses only. Trinity students are made up mainly by local Irish people. Every year, there is just a handful of Malaysian student who are randomly selected to study here, where girls always outnumber boys.

Unlike most medical faculties in Irish universities, medical faculty in Trinity still adopts a conventional method of learning. Besides, it also incorporates problem-based learning (PBL) in its method of learning as a supplement for the first year students only. There will be two PBL sessions in a week and students will be grouped into a group of 10 students at most. Most students will find it very helpful in terms of communication skills and social skills.

Trinity provides its students with many great facilities to meet the students’ needs. There are four major libraries segregated based on major faculties and situated strategically at the respective faculties. There is also a new four-floor sport building where all sort of sport facilities are high class, for example, gymnasium, swimming pools, basketball courts and many more. In each faculty, there is at least one café for students to get their meals for considerable prices. Most of the buildings within Trinity compound are highly equipped with internet-wireless connection, even in the playing fields students can access to the internet whenever they want to. For Islamic students, there are two small and comfortable prayer rooms, each for brothers and sisters, for them to perform five-time prayers. On Friday, these rooms are also used to perform Jumaah prayer. Not only Trinity muslim students who come to pray here, but people working in the vicinity of the university also walk in to pray Jamaah here. They also use these rooms as places for them who come from different backgrounds to freely socialize with each other during their leisure time.

  1. Salam.. I’m coming to Dublin this September as postgraduate student at TCD. The information on this blog is very useful for newcomer like me. Thanks a lot. May I know, does PPIMI help new postgrad student to find accommodation?

    Another question I would like to ask, where are the mentioned prayer rooms located? Are they located at Goldsmith Hall?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. yeah.the prayer rooms are located at Goldsmith Hall.

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