Pak Tam


In Life in Dublin on August 9, 2008 at 4:52 pm

Malaysian food products can be found easily in Dublin. Perencah segera, kicap kipas udang, meggi, sos adabi, budu…semua pun ada encik. However for those who lived in Galway and Cork it’s a little bit harder. Even though it’s a bit expansive, it’s still reasonable for Dublin consumer price. The famous shops are Asian Market near the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) and Hibiscus Asian Store in Lucan. There’s a whole lot of Malaysian food can be found at Hibiscus and you can book it online at There’s also free delivery for purchase above 50euro.

There a more and more Halal Food restaurant opening in Dublin. I’ll list a few which are quite famous: Kebabish, Rico’s, Chicken Hut, Medina, Istanbul, Sultan, Favorite Fried Chicken, Tabaq Tandoor and many more. Most of them are at the Dublin City center and South Circular Road. If you live around South Circular Road, consider yourself to be lucky because not only because these shops are near to your house but there’s also Dublin Mosque where you can perform solat in jamaah with the local Muslims community. There are jamaah performed for each solat, and during Ramadhan there is free iftar (breaking fast) everyday at the mosque. The menu for the iftar is known as Tandoori Pakcik Yusoff. Some even claim it as the best tandoori in the world.


Directly in front of the Dublin Mosque is the famous Malaysian student house, number 218.


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