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Books for UCDians

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by Thomas W Sadler

This book is a must for you to have! This would be your main reference for embryology subject other than your lecture notes. This book explains almost all embryological concepts and easy to understand. There is another alternative book like the embryological book written by Moore. Do not buy both books as it would increase your luggage weight. You can easily get the Moore’s book from the Health Science Library. This book contains many images compared to Langman’s.

*The Langman’s book was missing from the list, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you have any difficulties, kindly please contact our contact persons listed below. There are more than happy to help you =)

BooKs for Ucdians (1st year)

Vander’s Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function, 10/eEric P. Widmaier, Boston University
Hershel Raff, Medical College of Wisconsin
Kevin T. Strang, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Wheater’s Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas (Book with CD-ROM)by Barbara Young (Editor), John W. Heath (Editor)

Clinically Oriented Anatomy (5th Edition) by Keith L Moore (Author), Arthur F Dalley (Author) This book is absolutely THICK. You may consider of purchasing the BABY version of this book.

Principles of Medical Biochemistry: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Accessby Gerhard Meisenberg (Author), William H. Simmons (Author)
Atlas of Human Anatomy, Professional Edition by Frank H. NetterorAtlas of Human Anatomy: With (Netter Basic Science)by Frank H. Netter

The ECG Made Easy by John R. HamptonThis book will be used in your second semester and in your fourth year as well
Gray’s Atlas of Anatomyby Richard Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M Mitchell, and Richard TibbittsThis book contains many images. Absolutely amazing images! For those who love pictures, then you may consider this book as your first choice. Obviously, it has less text than Moore.

Physiology Third Edition With Accessby Linda Costanzo (Author)This book simplifies many complicated mechanisms into a simple one. Will be resourceful in your second semester.

Berne and Levy Physiology: with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Physiology (Berne))by Bruce M. Koeppen (Author), Bruce A. Stanton (Author)If you are looking for a very detail explanation. Then this book is a must for you. Seriously..sangat detail! But quite useful.
ALL books mentioned above can be found in OUR LIBRARY. The images shown above might be changed. If you are still having difficulties deciding what books to be purchased, do contact any seniors below:

  • Nazirah Azman ( 019 518 6614 )
  • Sholehah (017 485 3544)
  • Izat (013 279 0127)
  • Wan Yusof (019 999 8995)
  1. any comment bout these books? personal view or something… thanks..

  2. salam.. de correction sket, my number is 0195186614, do let me know if u guys need help k.. =)

    personal views on books?? well, personally i’d strongly recommend u guys to buy vanders physiology.. that’s like one of the most useful book. n clinical anatomy moore tu pon helpful gak.. atlas of anatomy written by netter tu a must to have..

    ECG tu very helpful for second semester..lecturer mmg gune buku tu n dia strongly promote.. kitorg berebut-rebut nak pinjam kat library time nk exam.. so beli la kalo nk senang.. harganya is RM35.00, kalo kt ebay or eire, my frens bought it for 11-15 euro, kalo convert ke RM, darab 5 la yeh..

    wheaters histology tu helpful untuk CAL session whereby kena tgk slides of microscope kat komputer n then kena lukis.. kalo nk beli, berguna gak la..

    basically buku2 ni boleh didapati di library ucd gak.. so u can practically borrow it if u dun wanna buy.. huhu..


  3. salam.. akak rasa ada satu buku lagi tertinggal untuk second sem, iaitu : embyrology, langman’s

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