Pak Tam

FAQs for New Dubliners

In Life in Dublin on August 6, 2008 at 11:25 pm

Do we need Visa to enter Ireland?

Unlike the UK-bound students, Malaysian students going to Ireland do not need Visa. When you reach the Dublin Airport, the emigration officers will ask for the evidences stating you are studying over there (the unconditional offer letter) and the financial affidavit from your sponsors. After that, they’ll give you temporary pass to stay in Ireland ranging from 1 to 3 months. Within that period, you’ll need to register with the Garda (Irish Police) Emigration Office at the Dublin City Center. Then you’ll get the Garda Card, which permit to stay there. The look is similar to the Malaysian Identification Card, with your name, address, picture and the validity period on it. You’re required to bring your passport, the letter from your college or university endorsing that you’re a full time student (the student office only able to produce this after your registration) and financial affidavit. You are also will be asked to pay 100euros for the card, which can be claimed from sponsors. 

How about the books for studies??

The books used are different according to each universities. The titles can be obtained from you seniors. It’s much cheaper to buy them in Malaysia. As for the RCSI students, the “must have” book is Clinical Anatomy written by Stanley Monkhouse. You can buy it at Syarikat Kamal, its near Bulatan Pahang round about and HKL. 

Bank accounts?

There are two most popular bank used by the Malaysian students, the Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and Bank of Ireland (BOI). Both can be used for the monthly allowances transfer from the sponsors. AIB is quite famous with user-friendly Online Banking application. It made it easy to transfer money from one account to another, allow you to view your current account, saving account and credit card account. It also encourage saving with it saving account application. You can set a certain amount of money to be taken out from your current account to be saved in your saving account. You can also apply for student credit card (e=mc2) from AIB. The credit limit will increased as you used the credit card. The credit card come handy when buying your flight tickets and shopping online on E-bay, etc.


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