Pak Tam

Things you should do!

In Before boarding on August 5, 2008 at 7:52 am

We highly recommend that you carefully read through this section and take proper action against it to help you getting best service upon arrival at your airport. Failure in getting all documents present would later cause hassle.

1. Medical Check-Up

Go for a medical check-up at any clinic or hospital and ask for

a medical report. If you’ve extra money you might want to find

a private hospital to save time.

A chest X-ray

You may be asked to show it at Heathrow airport. So keep it

in your hand luggage.

Meningitis vaccination

This can be obtained for free from the NHS in the UK; but you

may want it to be done locally. It is advisable that you first ask

the doctor if it is of the same type given in the UK.

2. Documents

Ensure that these documents be with you at all time. The best

way is by keeping them in your hand-luggage NOT check-in


a) Your passport (make sure that it’s valid for the duration of

your stay).

b) Medical report and X-ray film.

c) Acceptance/offer letter from your university stating the

course you are taking and the duration of the course.

d) Bank statement or the financial affidavit.

e) A few passport-sized photos.

f) Some cash or traveller’s cheque

3. Important

The Holy Quran and translation.

4. Other stuff

a) Rice cooker/blender

Electrical items can be expensive in the UK so it is advisable to

get one from Malaysia. Try not to bring frying pan, wok and

things like that because they’re cheap in the UK.

b) Food Instant noodles, local food, local spices and etc.

Do not bring in excess because you’ll be good at cooking

very soon.

c) Laptop

It’s getting less popular to use a laptop in the UK. Most students

prefer desktop instead due to its highly reliable and value for

money. But you can bring laptop at your convenience.

d) Basic stationary and scientific calculator for engineers

The one you have Casio fx-570 is very sophisticated, indeed. It

might cost you a lot to get one here.

e) Clothing

Bring along only few shirts, t-shirts, trousers, blouse etc. but

more baju kurung and baju melayu because you won’t

find them here, unless you are good at knitting.Bring only

basic sweater because Sept-Oct is not that cold. Around 15°C.

f) Sports equipment

It’s optional but if you play sports, you might want to bring your

sports gear (tennis/badminton/squash racquet, table tennis

bats, swimwear, etc).


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